image_meditationIs Reality Harshing Your Bliss?

Don’t succumb to the stress, fear and negativity that’s around you.

Learn how to summon your bliss!

• Discover how you can harness the power of your thoughts.

• Develop what T.S. Eliot described as “auditory inwardness.”

• Expand the way you think by creating new neural pathways.

Enlightenment Lessons

Enlightenment lessons are dedicated to the idea we are what we think, listen to and do. Meditation, writing and music are included in this unique method of writing accompanied by music that enables you to tap into and directly engage with the vast resources of your focused mind.

Simple, highly effective wellness techniques also will be taught including energy-enhancing medicine, breath work, relaxation exercises, affirmations, visualizations and aromatherapy. You’ll discover strategies to establish a daily meditation practice, or to reinforce an existing one, that will in turn enhance your ability to put thought into action and positively transform your life.

As a professional writer and long-time practitioner of both meditation and yoga, with extensive experience in stress reduction, mindfulness and development of concentrative skills, I’ve taught for more than 20 years–in schools, colleges, businesses, the YMCA and privately.

For more information about Enlightenment Lessons, private classes and mini retreats please contact me at heartofman at to find out about locations and rates including special offers that are available.